Multiple novelties in Bahrain... even in tyres!

First round of the Karting World Championship held in the Middle-East, first international event organised at night…

And first event where the new RFID technology for the tyres is used in a world competition! The U18 World Championship indeed proposes multiples novelties for the final of the 2012 season in Bahrain.

“This innovation is the fruit of 2 years’ development”, explained Paolo Bombara, the Commercial Director of LeCont tyres. “Concretely, each tyre is fitted with a chip and it gets identified when it goes under a detecting portal. It allows instantaneous control indicating whether the tyre is actually the Driver’s. In the future, further developments can be contemplated, like the possibility to communicate instantaneously the compound type or the number of kilometre completed by each tyre. In any case I wish to thank the CIK-FIA to authorise us to use and develop this system within the framework of the U18 World Championship.”
Today, the tyres are therefore identified by the computer system on their trolleys before and after track running. “However in the very near future we shall be able to identify the tyres much more rapidly”, continued Paolo Bombara, “as the system carries out 200 readings per second, and so we shall be able to use it even when the karts are running. It will really be a fine evolution as regards tyre control!”
Vice-President of the CIK-FIA, Kees van de Grint welcomes the introduction of this system. “Karting is again proving that it is not only the school for tomorrow’s champions but that it is also a laboratory for technological development”, he explained. “A little over 50 years ago, Karting introduced the first slick tyres for circuit racing. Today the RFID system offers huge advantages in terms of time saving and the need for fewer staff members since controls are considerably simplified and accelerated. The future is in place and it is obvious that this technology will be used well beyond Karting in the coming years.”
In addition to tyres, the CIK-FIA also identifies and controls chassis and engines, which are as well limited for the participants, before the Drivers get to the track.