Message of condolences

Message of condolences from Jean Todt, President of the FIA

I would like to share my profound sadness, and that of the whole FIA community, following the tragic death of Mark Robinson, who was working as a volunteer marshal at the Canadian Grand Prix.

My thoughts, and those of the FIA members, are with Mark's family and friends and we all wish to extend our sincerest condolences, as well as our support, in these most tragic of circumstances.
This tragedy has affected us deeply, and the whole of motor sport is profoundly touched by it.
In volunteering to be a marshal, Mark had made the choice to give his time, his knowledge and passion in the service of motor sport.
All over the world, it is men and women like Mark who make possible the organisation of motor sport events. Without these thousands of volunteers who give their all selflessly, motor sport would simply not get off the starting line.
I and the FIA want to share with each and every one of the pain resulting from Mark's death, a hurt that unites us all today.
Jean Todt