Medical journal examines how drivers deal with the hottest conditions


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Auto Medical

The latest issue of AUTO+ Medical, the FIA’s International Journal of Motor Sport Medicine, has launched with a look at how drivers and doctors deal with the hottest racing conditions, such as the consistently high temperatures at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.

AUTO+ Medical spoke to some of the sport’s top drivers, such as Toyota’s Jose Maria Lopez, about how they coped with cockpit temperatures that often soared above 40°C, and received advice from some of the world’s leading experts on heat stress.

Sticking with the heat theme, a feature on fire safety training looks at the emergence of hybrid and electric powertrains and how that requires a unique approach. AUTO+ Medical spoke to industry leaders in fire safety training about these challenges, as well as the modern training techniques used to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations.

In the driver interview, new FIA Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi reveals how he took the title despite fracturing his leg halfway through the season. He discusses his injury and a remarkable recovery that enabled him to get back to winning ways quickly and safely.

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