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Licence status check urged ahead of international-level rallies


Competitors are being reminded to check the status of their licence ahead of contesting international-level rally events, such as rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Article 9.1.2. of the International Sporting Code states that if no competitor is listed on the entry application, the first driver is deemed also to be the competitor and they must hold the two corresponding licences.

Without a competitor licence a driver would not be able to take part on an international-level event. While ASNs can and usually are prepared to accommodate short-notice licence applications, it creates additional work for event administrators often close to the start of a rally.

FIA Rally Director Andrew Wheatley explained: “A driver licence is not automatically a competitor licence. The licence has to state what type it is so either separate licences or a combined licence is required. It’s the responsibility of the driver, not of the ASN, to ensure they have the right licence before they travel to an event, otherwise it causes a significant issue and stress before the start of an event.”

Although the issue has occurred on WRC rallies, it can be an issue on other international events – so please check in advance. Similarly, while a large number of ASNs issue separate or combined licences, there have been cases of national clubs not being aware that a competitors’ licence is always required and this can require additional time to arrange.