#IWD - FIA celebrates the success of women in motor sport


The build-up to International Women’s Day, celebrated around the world today, March 8, has provided the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission with yet more great opportunities to showcase the success stories of many inspirational females.

Through a number of FIA Girls on Track - Virtual Experience sessions during the past week, the Commission is delighted to have again reached out to a huge online community keen to connect with and be motivated by women who are following their dreams in the sport.

And today, on International Women’s Day, the spotlight moves to the launch of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission’s third and latest career brochure, which follows in the footsteps of ‘Your career in motor sport’ and ‘Engineer your career’. ‘Women in WTCR’ focuses on the roles of women of all ages working in the FIA World Touring Car Cup, each of whom share an insight into their career path and their determination to forge a successful profession in the sport. Brought together with the help and support of the WTCR and its promoter, Eurosport Events, the booklet is a stimulating insight into the many and varied roles available in the series.

In support of UN Women, the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and empowerment of women, all these females are a symbol of this year’s International Women’s Day theme: ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’.

The booklet, which is launched today, can be downloaded here

This evening, at 18:00 hrs CET, the FIA’s closing International Women’s Day webinar, which again underlines the Women in Motorsport Commission’s pledge to promote a more equal future for women, will take place on the FIA WIM Facebook page. Joining the Live webinar are Germany’s Michelle Halder, whose 2021 target is to become the first female driver to race in the FIA World Touring Car Cup, Fiona Rees, the Teams’ Coordinator for the series, and the face of the WTCR, presenter and reporter Alexandra Legouix.

Set a reminder to dial into the live session with more of the women in the WTCR who are proving that realising hopes and dreams is possible for everyone thinking of stepping into the motor sport world: https://www.facebook.com/FIAWomenInMotorsport/live/,

While International Women’s Day officially marks the drive towards gender equality and empowerment of women, the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission is unrelenting in its mission to demonstrate the sport is open to all. Encouragement and promotion of female participation is key, and by developing social and educational programmes it continues to inspire greater involvement. Later this week, March 10, FIA Girls on Track – Virtual Experience will also be hosting its very first STEM workshop with McLaren’s Formula 1 Engineer Amelia Lewis, and Andrea Preacher, a Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Be sure to register here for Wednesday’s 18:00 hrs CET Zoom session, where you can meet two passionate engineers who are keen to inspire young girls to look at the STEM subjects and the wealth of opportunities in this career field.