The Girls On Track features at Mondial Women

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The Paris Motor Show conference proves an inspiring setting for showcasing the FIA’s model for encouraging young women in motor sport

The FIA Women In Motorsport Commission was pleased to be represented at last night’s Mondial Women conference at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, where a dozen women from the worlds of automobiles, motorcycles and mobility came together to share their inspiring stories.

As the conference highlighted, these industries offer exciting and diverse opportunities for women to reach their highest potential, whether they be racing drivers, professionals in marketing and communications, or technicians working for a manufacturer or equipment manufacturer.

The Mondial Paris Motor Show has set out to be an active player in helping women progress in these fields, but also to show how gender diversity contributes to innovation.

The conference provided the perfect context for the FIA to showcase The Girls On Track, a competition model for the promotion and development of young women in motor sport at grassroots level.

Among the list of a dozen women delivering inspiring talks to a capacity audience were:

Valérie Brusseau - Engineering General Manager at Renault, Nissan-Mitsubishi

Monique Danielou - Interior System Engineering Vice President, Faurecia

Linda Jackson - CEO, Citroën

Agnes Poulbot - PHD Fellow, Michelin

Also represented were a student in aerodynamics, an apprentice in bodywork, the automotive strategy’s global head of one of the digital giants, a mathematician and two entrepreneurs.

Frederique Trouve, representing the FIA Women In Motorsport Commission, commented: “Mondial Women is a very exciting movement driven by inspirational women to give a voice to other inspirational women. There are many engaging stories, as we heard at the conference last evening, and it was very pleasing to be able to showcase the work of the FIA and specifically The Girls On Track programme in this context. Our Commission seeks to demonstrate that motor sport is open to women in all of its aspects, whether as competitors, officials, team managers, engineers, mechanics and so forth. Together with Pierre Fillon, President de l’Automobile Club de l’Ouest, and Keiko Ihara, a Japanese driver competing in WEC and a fellow Commission member, it was a great pleasure to spend the evening in the company of so many accomplished women and to hear about their incredible work in these related fields.”