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Formula E – Montreal ePrix pre-event press conference


Sebastien Buemi and Lucas di Grassi share their thoughts before this weekend’s title-deciding races in Montreal

FIA, Formula E, Montreal ePrix, 2017

How are you both feeling coming into this final weekend of the third FIA Formula E Championship season?
Lucas Di Grassi
: Yeah, well first of all, good afternoon everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here again in a final, in this amazing city, this very likely to be one of the best tracks ever in Formula E history, so I think all the drivers are very pleased of what was accomplished for this final.

It’s a great honour to be here. I’m 10 points behind, but I think one of the reasons that I’m 10 points behind isn’t just New York, because if you look at this season compared to last season, Sebastien has won a lot of the races and we have definitely struggled more than season two and the level of the field has become much stronger so there’s so much more competition on our side. We are 10 points behind so the pressure is on me and I will do the best I can and try to do a good race – two good races.

Of course, my main concern is the drivers’ championship but of course we want ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport to finish on a high, we are very close to Mahindra Racing and DS Virgin Racing in the team’s championship, we will try to score as many points as possible. The more points we score the easier it is to win both championships so we need to score as many points as possible. Of course it will be extremely difficult.

Sebastien Buemi: I agree with Lucas (Di Grassi), that it is one of the best venues we’ve had in Formula E, the track looks amazing. Yeah for New York, it was one of the toughest moments of the season not being able to take part in the race. I watched it with my team-mates in the evening with the time difference.

To be honest I had a lot of pressure before New York because I knew I was going to miss it, so to keep in the championship I knew I get as many points as possible, but yeah it was a tough time watching the race.

To be honest I try to prepare as normal not try to use energy thinking about my performance in the race. I try to look at it like the other races we know that when we get things right we are normally up there in performance so my main objective is just to try to achieve that and obviously we know that in the race anything can happen.

To be honest it’s hard to say you know in Monaco we were very similar or in the race Abt was maybe better than us, in Paris we were good, in Berlin we were not so good and New York is hard to say. The track looks good, I think it looks good for Formula E in general, there are good opportunities to overtake it’s not too long, it’s not too short it’s quite wide so it’s difficult to say whether it favours us or not. If you look at the qualifying in New York with the top 18 drivers in less than a second it’s very hard to judge but of course I’m happy to be here and it’s good track.

How are you going to approach this double-header weekend?
Lucas di Grassi
: To be honest the final is Sunday, tomorrow is just the 11th race of the season so we are going to try to score as much points as weigh up the risk and reward. The more risk you have the more reward you might have, but also you could lose it all. So of course it’s controlled risk management, I think we have to see how Saturday goes on before we decide on Sunday and the approach like Seb said is very similar every race you have to approach like it’s a final so from Hong Kong we are approaching every race and trying to maximise the car, if you play it safe you can still have an issue with the car, so we will push very hard.

How do you feel having the season three finale here in Montreal?

Sebastien Buemi: I’ve been here for Formula 1 and it’s always been an amazing show, the people here love the sport, but the most important thing is that we are on a good track, when we have a good track in general we have good races