Recent incidents pursuant to phishing attacks has led to the unauthorised access to personal data contained in two email accounts belonging to the FIA. 

The FIA took all actions to rectify the issues, notably in cutting the illegitimate accesses in a very short time, once it became aware of the incidents and notified the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (the French data protection regulator), and the Préposé Fédéral à la Protection des Données et à la Transparence (the Swiss data protection regulator). 

The FIA regrets any concern caused to the affected individuals. 

We take our data protection and information security obligations very seriously and continuously review our systems to ensure they are robust, in the context of evolving cyber-criminality. The FIA has put additional security measures in place to protect against any future attacks.

Any party concerned about their personal data can contact the FIA: