FIA launches redesigned website capturing the spirit of the Federation | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

FIA launches redesigned website capturing the spirit of the Federation

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has launched a redesigned version of its web portal, designed to give motor sports fans, motoring enthusiasts, industry professionals and member clubs an exciting, user-friendly and immersive point of entry into the world of motor sport and mobility around the world.

In order to make navigation of the FIA’s vast world of motoring and motor sports as intuitive as possible, we’ve refreshed the whole look and feel of the site.

To do this we’ve brought in a dynamic, linear page style that firmly puts the focus on exclusive video content, world-class photography and seamless social media integration.

Divided into three simple portals, the new quickly channels visitors to the content they most want to view.

Want to check out the latest videos, news and results from the world’s top motor sport events? Simply click on the Sport portal and you’re there, right in the heart of the FIA’s six world championships. From Formula One to the World Rally Championship, from the World Endurance Championship to the cutting edge Formula E electric racing series, we’ve got it covered.

Need to keep up to date with the latest developments in road cars? The Mobility portal takes you there. Here you’ll find news of the FIA’s campaigns to create a safer, greener and more advanced world of motoring. 

As the core of the FIA’s activities of course revolves around its member clubs, we’ve created a dedicated space for them to quickly access the agendas most relevant to the development of their business and the advancement of global mobility.

Whether you’re a fan of racing, rallying or road cars, the FIA’s new site has also been built for you to get involved. Quick and easy interaction is set to allow fans to have their voice heard by the people who make motor sport happen.

The new represents a major leap forward, opening up a whole new world of motor sport action and motoring excitement to fans worldwide.