FIA Launches Rally Safety Guidelines

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The FIA has launched a new set of Rally Safety Guidelines to improve safety at every level of the sport, whilst maintaining the action and spectacle loved by fans across the world.

2018 World Rally Championship - Rally Australia - S. Ogier / J. Ingrassia

The guidelines gather the best practice that is currently applied at World Rally Championship level in a format that can be used by rally organisers at regional and national level.

Close proximity to the cars on stage is all part of the thrilling spectator experience. A key aspect of the guidelines is to help promoters further increase spectator protection.

There are also other suggestions for safety best practice throughout the 100-page manual.

For instance, the FIA is encouraging all of its National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) to have their own safety delegates at each event they sanction. This will be supported by a training programme for safety delegates, with a pilot training seminar this year. From 2020 onwards regional training seminars will be conducted for these Safety Delegates from each country around the world.

Other key points in the guidelines cover the role and responsibilities of officials; the use of safety cars and the safety plan; special Stage set-up; communication with marshals and fans; and incident handling. Many of these initiatives are designed to be implemented with little to no cost and the FIA will work with ASNs to ensure that is the case.

Yves Matton, FIA Rally Director, said: "Safety is the key for the sustainability of rallying in the future and one of the keys in safety is education - we see this around the world. These guidelines will help educate all to have the best procedures and the best habits in rallying.”

The FIA Rally Safety Guidelines are available to download