FIA International Historical Commission hosts first meeting of 2024 in London


The meeting took place on the 29th-30th April.

Members of the International Historical Commission (CHI) gathered at London’s Royal Automobile Club to discuss sustainability, cost-savings and improved security across the classic car industry.

Over 20 members attended the meeting, which was the Commission's first of the year. 

During the meeting, members discussed the possibility of an FIA Historic Touring Passport. This document would be used to create a global database of historical vehicles, which would act as a guarantee of authenticity, reduce the risk of theft, and make international travel easier, while forging a stronger classic cars community.

The Commission also highlighted developments in e-fuels, and potential opportunities for their use in historic cars. CHI President, Giuseppe Redaelli, said: “The promotion of e-fuels is a necessity, not only to allow historical vehicles to run on our roads, but also to maintain on the roads the wide fleet today essentially composed at the global level of ICE vehicles.”

The meeting also touched on the impact of Low Emissions Zones on the classic car industry, and the difficulties around sourcing electronic components for historic cars.

CHI President Giuseppe Redaelli also met the new President of the Historic Motor Sport Committee (HMSC), Roger Wills during his trip to London. During their meeting, the Presidents both committed to working closely together, ultimately agreeing to formalise their participation in each others’ meetings.