FIA Drivers’ Commission holds successful meeting in Paris


The Commission met with the FIA President and Sport Department representatives to discuss the key question of promoting and encouraging talented drivers

FIA, Drivers Commission, 2017

The FIA Drivers’ Commission, under its President Tom Kristensen, represents and conveys the point of view of the drivers to all other FIA Sport Commissions and to take into consideration the their voices in the decision processes of the FIA.

With full recognition of the International Olympic Committee in accordance with the sporting and governance standards of the Olympic Charter, the FIA recognises the need for the athletes to be at the heart of its operations. To that end, the nine-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Kristensen also sits on the World Motor Sport Council.

Last week, the Commission met at the FIA Headquarters in Paris, with a large number of former drivers meeting with the FIA President and Secretary General for Sport, Peter Bayer, who said, “I am very pleased to have met with the FIA Drivers’ Commission and its President Tom Kristensen and engage in the positive discussions which took place. The drivers are at the heart of motor sport, so to have them represented and involved in our processes is of vital importance. The FIA will continue to strive to include the voice of the drivers through this Commission in its operational and strategical discussions.”

The Commission discussed three main topics, all of which had the common goal of working towards rewarding the most talented drivers across the various sporting pyramids. Areas of dialogue included the involvement of drivers in official role such as Stewards or Advisors to the Stewards, as well as a consideration of the involvement on the Drivers’ Commission in driver categorization.

It was decided that Derek Warwick and Karun Chandhok should form part of the FIA Driver Categorisation Committee, take part in the annual driver review meeting and be available for consultation where appropriate. The pair will also be able to make proposals to update the FIA’s Driver Categorisation regulations.

Finally the Drivers’ commission will be consulted on track design and track safety. Including the viewpoint of the drivers will be an important part of ensuring tracks are both challenging to master – thus providing the best possible show for the fans – whilst ensuring that safety standards are always met.

FIA President Jean Todt attended the Commission, praising its work and encouraging all of its members to involve themselves not just in the sporting aspects of the FIA, but use their positions to support the FIA’s crucial work in Action for Road Safety and Action for Environment.