FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission calls on ASNs to submit applications for “Certificate of Adaptations”


The FIA Certificate of Adaptations will serve as an approval for the acceptance of the deviations from the homologation of the car or from the technical regulations due to the needs of the disabled drivers without compromising safety.

Drivers with disabilities, as defined under Article 10 of Chapter I of Appendix L to the International Sporting Code, may need adaptations to their vehicles in order to participate in FIA competitions.

If these adaptations fall outside the regulations of the competition in which disabled drivers intend to compete, their safety must be evaluated.

The Disability and Accessibility Commission established the Adaptations Working Group (AWG) to evaluate requests for a Certificate of Adaptations (COA) for:

  • competition cars intended for an event registered on the International Sporting Calendar; and
  • competition cars intended for an event where the regulations specifically require an FIA COA authorising the adaptations.

This applies to all 4-wheeled vehicles, including karts. 

Competitors, through their ASNs, must complete a form and submit it to to start the process.

The process can take up to eight weeks, as long as all conditions are satisfied. In order to comply with this timeframe, the vehicle, including the final version of the adaptations, must be available for inspection during the process. 

Competitors are encouraged to take all necessary measures to facilitate the work of the AWG and the independent technical expert designated by the FIA that will perform the inspection - providing accurate information ahead of the inspection and organising it as early as possible.

As the objective of the Disability and Accessibility Commission is to overcome any barriers to participation and make the sport more accessible, the FIA covers the cost of the inspection and resulting technical assessment.

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