FIA announces plans to incorporate social impact into Sustainability Roadmap

  • The FIA will aim to achieve equal opportunities for women and people with disabilities by 2040
  • These new goals strengthen the FIA’s existing Sustainability Roadmap, which promotes a dynamic approach to achieving net-zero.
  • The announcement came as part of the FIA’s 120th anniversary Conference, currently taking place in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The FIA has announced plans to integrate social impact into its Sustainability Roadmap, heading into 2025.

The revised roadmap establishes clear goals for diversity and inclusion, targeting improvements across various demographics including  age, gender, disability and geographies. This is in addition to existing focus areas, such as  climate action, and pollution.

Key initiatives such as FIA Girls on Track and Safeguarding in Motorsport will be expanded to help the Federation achieve equal opportunities for those of all genders and backgrounds by 2040.

The launch of new programmes and STEM-related partnerships will also help to accelerate progress against these goals.

FIA Sustainability and Diversity and Inclusion Director Sara Mariani said: “We are delighted to update our Sustainability Roadmap to reflect our broadening D&I priorities here at the FIA. We recognise the critical importance of enhancing opportunities throughout our Championships, and are committed to delivering on these new targets.”

The FIA’s Sustainability Strategy was first launched in 2021. It sets out a clearly defined route to lower emissions and promoting sustainability within motorsport and the broader automotive industry.

The updated roadmap was presented at the FIA Conference in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. It is part of a series of announcements marking the FIA’s ongoing commitment to diversity, inclusion and innovation - including a new Uzbekistan esports series and a new helmet programme.

Further details on the strategy development will be announced at the Annual General Assemblies in Kigali in 2024.