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ERC - Rally Islas Canarias post-event driver quotes


ERC - 2020 Rally Islas Canarias - Post-event driver quotes

Post-event quotes from all the FIA European Rally Championship class winners on Rally Islas Canarias appear below. The ERC1 Junior and ERC3 Junior quote sheet will be available separately.

“We are late because the car didn’t restart before we arrived at the finish. It was stressful but we knew if the car didn’t start we could walk over the finish but it’s better the car is here. It’s a great result, honestly. I’m really happy because it was a really tough weekend for all the drivers but we won and it’s a really good feeling for us. But it’s also good for the team and for Michelin. It’s good preparation for Monza and I hope next weekend will be the same. I think every driver made a mistake at some point here. We did a mistake in the second stage of the day, it was right at the end of the stage but we were okay and all the drivers went off in the same place. Otherwise, all was okay and it’s a great result for M-Sport. I hope they will be happy because they did a very good job. I can only say thanks to the team, all was perfect.”

“We are very happy because it was not an easy job for us to do. We try always to the maximum but in this race we were not on the maximum because we wanted to finish the race. But all year we make a good performance, we win all four races we did so this was 100 per cent and we are very happy. The whole team work hard, they are amazing. For next season we don’t know. The situation with the COVID is not so good for the budget. We try to go to ERC1 but we work, work, work and see what the budget will be.”

KEN TORN (FIA ERC3, FIA ERC3 Junior winner)
“It was another hard lesson for us on Tarmac and we have to take all the information for the future because we miss so much experience. We have seen the things we need to improve in the future and we are happy for this. We had some issues with the pacenotes and with the heavy rain on the slippery Tarmac it was not so easy. There was one place where we had a too optimistic pacenote, we hit the barrier and got stuck in the touch. Thankfully we got back on the road and we could get to the finish.”

DARIUSZ POLOŃSKI (Abarth Rally Cup winner)
“It was a tough rally for us. We had some problems this morning and lost some time in ERC2 where we were also fighting for the win. We tried to push because we still had the opportunity to catch the very fast Tibor Érdi but we had some electronic issue we had to fix. But it was a perfect fight with the fast guys and finishing just nine seconds away from winning ERC2 made me really happy. On the first stage this morning we touched something and went off slightly and the wheels were not properly straight. I thought it was something much more risky so we just decided just to get to the finish. Then we recognised the problem was not so big. We had a huge problem on the left corners, the right corners were okay but we knew we could push and we would not lose the steering. We went back to the fight and on the second stage on the second loop we had and electronic issue with the oil temperature, which cut the power and we were driving slowly. Without this technical issue we could still fight for first place in ERC2 but we are still very happy.”