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ERC - Rally Hungary - post-event driver quotes


ERC - 2020 Rally Hungary - Post-event driver quotes

Post-event quotes from all the FIA European Rally Championship class winners on Rally Hungary appear below. The ERC1 Junior and ERC3 Junior quote sheet will be available separately.

“I’m undefeated in 2020 so far! It’s been a good weekend. As I said I haven’t been competing, only testing as most of you know, for the last couple of years on Tarmac has been really difficult for me and I think maybe people thought I couldn’t drive on Tarmac any more so it’s nice to come here and show we’ve still got it and we’re still fast. I have to say a huge thanks to our team, Topp-Cars, for delivering me this car, it’s been working flawless all weekend and as well to Skoda for making this really, really nice car. I tried it in 2017, I loved it then but a lot has happened since then and now it’s even better. I feel so comfortable driving and it’s all about confidence. I felt I’ve pretty much been in control all the rally. I felt very good,. We drove a clever strategy, not taking too big risks but we were still quick so it’s really enjoyable.”

“We are very happy to win our home race. We had no problems apart from a slow puncture on SS12 but everything was okay. The feeling is amazing and we are very happy, it’s a good job. We tried to be safe without risk and this is what we did.”

KEN TORN (FIA ERC3, FIA ERC3 Junior winner)
“For sure the result is brilliant. It was a tough weekend, one of the hardest weekends we’ve had, but a big job is done. It’s good experience in the pocket for the future. We had front-right puncture on stage 15, it was not the best but we did not lose too much time. The chances of winning the title seem good but there is a lot of job more to do, we can’t be lazy and we need to keep working and be stronger on the next event.”

“I’m really happy with our weekend, it was a really, really tricky rally. On the first day we pushed and showed some great pace. On the second day we had to manage the gap we had. The two guys in front were too much in front except for a puncture or something like that so we were more worried about the guys behind us. In the morning we started a bit too cautiously, I did not want to take any risk and we managed it a bit better in the second loop when we showed we were capable of driving fast without making any mistakes. In the previous year we were driving with the Opel ADAM but it’s a full season this year with the R5 and it’s going better and better after each rally. We are really happy with the improvement, with the car and with the confidence we are building with it. The team did a fantastic job and every time it’s a bit easier to get on the pace. Our problem this morning is that we could not get the car to start, it was maybe something to do with the cold night we had. Today we tried to keep the car always running to not get any more problems.”

ANDREA MABELLINI (Abarth Rally Cup winner)
“Thanks to the team that allowed us to start on Saturday morning after the problem we had with the suspension on Friday night. It was difficult this rally but I learned a lot and I am happy. We had some good speed but it’s difficult on these bumpy roads with a light car like this at 180kph. Thanks also to my new co-driver for this rally, Nicoló [Gonella] and to my team and to my sponsors.”