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ERC - Rally Fafe Montelongo - post-event driver quotes


ERC - 2020 Rally Fafe Montelongo - Post-event driver quotes

Post-event quotes from all the FIA European Rally Championship class winners on Rally Fafe Montelongo appear below.

The ERC1 Junior and ERC3 Junior quote sheet will be available separately. Top three driver quotes (featuring Alexey Lukyanuk, Yoann Bonato and Iván Ares can be found at this link:

“It was an odd thing from me, it was my mistake, I made a spin. I initiated the turn with the handbrake and initially it was not locking so I pulled it a bit more and it suddenly snapped off. It’s never happened to me before and it was not a nice moment to happen but, okay, it kept us motivated and focused and this result is amazing actually. In the morning it was much more relaxed than during the day because the guys behind gave me a very hard time. I tried to control the pace and it was on a nice way before that spin actually. But we did a good job on the last stage despite we had massive rain straight away from the startline. But I gave it everything, a good drive and on a proper pace. I can be proud of myself, I am happy. Many thanks to my team for a great car and a great job and to Pirelli for the great tyres, I was dependent on them. I hope we get more sponsors for the next event because we are in trouble at the moment but let’s go and have some fun now.”

“It is two rallies and two victories so it is perfect for me. We came here wanting to win the race and we work very hard before the rally with my team to make a good car and a good preparation. We have the second victory and we are very happy for this. It was important to win as many stages as possible to win each leg to have as many points as possible and we have maximum points for the second race. The last year in Hungary was not a good race for me but I try not to think of it like a home rally in my head.”

PEP BASSAS (FIA ERC3, FIA ERC3 Junior winner)
“This rally was very difficult but the co-driver and all the team did a very good job. We had some problems with the engine but the final result was better and the first win in an international championship is amazing. Ken Torn had two wins before so for us it was important to push and get more points for the championship. This rally was important for the championship but in Hungary we need another win. We expect the conditions to be similar to here with rain, no rain, rain. But it’s amazing the feeling right now.”

“We’re really happy with the performance we showed this weekend. I think the pace was good and we did some really good times. We also managed when it was needed, for example in the last loop, so we are quite happy. The conditions were really tricky all weekend long with really changing conditions. Today was a bit easier with the stages completely dry or completely wet. But still it was really changing through different stages and that was really difficult for the tyre choice. I don’t think we had the best one for the last loop and we had to be even more careful because maybe we were too optimistic at the service. But we managed that and we are here with our first ERC1 Junior victory. It was also really nice to do our first fastest time in the ERC. It’s only our third participation with an R5 in the ERC. The level is really high here and we can be really proud of that. Today we also did a second and a third time. Our pace was consistent, we showed a really good pace but by being careful when needed. I hope to do more ERC events this season. We are in a really good position for the ERC1 Junior Championship and for sure I will be in Spa for the final round. Now we will try to do one of the two last ones on the calendar.”

ANDREA MABELLINI (Abarth Rally Cup winner)
“I’m happy. It was a difficult rally with really challenging stages in tricky conditions. I want to thank all the supporters and sponsors and also the organisation. In the conditions it was difficult, especially when the roads were wet. I learn a lot and I enjoy a lot so I am happy.”