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ERC - ERC Zlin post-event winning driver quotes


FIA European Rally Championship 2021, Round 4 - Barum Czech Rally Zlín - Post-event quotes from the category winners 

“He [Erik Cais] deserved the win, that’s easy to say. He was unbelievably fast in Pindula but the rally finishes on the podium. Erik was the king of today, he did a really great job except for one mistake which cost him the win of the rally. But we are doing this sport to be successful and that’s the main target and I would like to say a big thank you to my co-driver Jan [Hloušek]. We only had a few months to build the team and find the sponsors and partners and so we also deserved this win. This was the most difficult Barum Rally I have done in my career with the conditions changing all the time.”

“This is the third time we win the Barum Rally. Before the rally we would like to have this win and we have this win. Two races this season we lose big points so now we are happy but winning is always a good feeling and now it’s perfect. It was not an easy rally with the conditions but we always had a good tyre choice and maybe this was the key. We try to save the position today and not push too hard. When [Victor Cartier] was out of second place it was a shame but that’s life and we know it’s like this.”

“It’s a dream, the rally is very, very difficult and it’s not normal for us. The stages are very, very different and it’s very difficult to keep the confidence. But we also had to keep the gap and this was not easy. But it’s a very good rally and for the championship these points are very, very good. I was hoping for a podium before the rally so the first position is amazing, I am very happy.”

KEN TORN (FIA ERC Junior winner)
“Every race we our thing and it was the same on this rally. Our main competitor had problems but it can be like this. Every race we make more improvement and we enjoyed the weekend, it was awesome. It was a tough rally, really difficult and a very big challenge for the drivers. But the car was very good and thanks to the team for their job.”

“It was an amazing weekend, I enjoyed so much the stages. I enjoyed the car, the car was perfect and I want to thank Renault for the car, it was amazing. We did a good job in the test and Toksport as well did an amazing job, perfect all over the weekend. Only one mistake this weekend [when we checked in early for a time control on Saturday morning] but that can happen. We never gave up and we give this victory to everyone involved. It’s perfect for the championship. I knew Pindula [last night] would be difficult for everyone but I had confidence and decided to push and it works because we did a good performance on this stage. The result is for us and this is the most important.”

DARIUSZ POLOŃSKI (Abarth Rally Cup winner)
“We are very happy because this was a very tough rally, an extremely tough rally and one of the most difficult I ever attend. We have good points in Abarth but also in ERC2. I am sorry for Victor Cartier for his problems but we also had some difficulties when we had wet conditions with the rear-wheel-drive car and also the last stage was cancelled but everything was done by then. We had no problems with the car at all and that was crucial for the result.”

ANDREA MABELLINI (Clio Trophy by Toksport WRT winner)
“It was a very difficult with so many changes of weather and different condition. Pindula was the probably the most difficult stage I have ever done in my life. But we are here and we won this rally so I am happy and I would like to thank everybody, to our team, our sponsor, our family and also to Virginia my co-driver who made a great job. We now have three wins and it’s good but it’s double points in Hungary. It’s not good for us but that’s the regulations so we will see. We already know Hungary is difficult, a tough rally.”

MIKO MARCZYK (ERC-MICHELIN Talent Factory leading finisher)
“It’s very good we got to the finish line because in 2019 it was not a full rally for us here, just 20 per cent of the stages and the recce. Now we have done full distance we have prepared a very good foundation to push harder for next year. On many stages were less than half a second per kilometre to Jan Kopecký, who presents the proper pace here on these roads. Unfortunately, I was not consistent enough in the hard stages, like Pindula at night. I had problems in the dirty places with deep cuts and when the conditions were changing it was also not easy because I was trying to be on the finish line. But it’s good, we are on the fifth place and if I were to analyse the starting list, fifth place would be very good for us. We are happy and at the half season of the European Rally Championship we did a good job.”