Drayson Racing sets three Electric World Land Speed Records


The FIA Land Speed Records Commission announced today the homologation of three new World Land Speed Records by Drayson Racing.

At Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire, England from October 8th-10th Lord Paul Drayson and his teammate Jonny Cocker set these new electric records.  

The airfield’s 3000m runway saw the team’s all-electric prototype racing car achieve three flying starts of 1 km in 10.802 seconds with an average speed of 333.271 km/h, 1 mile in 17.549 seconds with an average speed of 333.271 km/h and a 4 mile stopped start in 9.742 seconds with an average speed of 148.676 km/h.

On the new record attempts, Lord Drayson (CEO) commented: “We are continuing the testing and development programme of our electric drivetrain technology and we are delighted with the results achieved. The engineering challenge of accelerating a 995kg electric car to these speeds and then stopping in time on such a short runway is pretty intense, but it’s a great proving ground for our technology. It’s also an exciting way of demonstrating what’s possible with a state of the art electric vehicle.”

The new records build on the Drayson Racing team’s existing electric land speed record portfolio. The team is a pioneer of green racing technologies and was one of the first to sign up for the FIA Formula E Championship in 2014.