Deadline for FIA Rally Star #RallyAtHome Challenge approaches | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

Deadline for FIA Rally Star #RallyAtHome Challenge approaches


Registrations for the final FIA Rally Star #RallyAtHome Challenge close this Sunday (December 26).

The #RallyAtHome Challenge provides a chance for top candidates from each region to qualify for their respective Continental Final in 2022 outside the selections being organised by ASNs globally.

Candidates must be aged between 17 and 26 to take part in the FIA Rally Star #RallyAtHome Challenge. Once gamers have created a free account at and purchased the FIA Rally Star WRC 9 DLC for €9.99, the choice of how to play the game at home (computer or console) is up to the individual gamer.

The FIA Rally Star European Final is the first continental selection scheduled and takes place from January 28-30 at Estering in Buxtehude, Germany with an incredible season of rallying the top prize.

For more information, please consult the FIA Rally Star website.