Cutting Crew

The FIA Institute yesterday presented new developments in extrication to ASNs.

The FIA Institute yesterday ran an extrication demonstration for ASNs attending the inaugural FIA Sport Conference Week. Using crash-tested Subarus, which had been utilised for an FIA Institute project on Roll-Over Protection Systems, the Institute invited one of the UK MSA’s Licensed Rescue Units and the  Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to demonstrate how to extricate a driver from a crashed car using new cutting equipment researched by the  Institute.

FIA Institute President Gérard Saillant said: “This highlights the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to motor sport safety. It is essential for the engineers to make these cars as safe as possible and we also need to ensure the drivers can be extricated by medical teams following an accident. So now the doctors are working with engineers to find new solutions.”

During Conference Week, the Institute also displayed a prototype of a new Formula One extrication tub, which will be used for practice and training at circuits around the world.

Built from fibre-glass, it is a replica of a Formula One car from just behind the driver to the nose cone. It also offers the chance for extrication teams to practice without worrying about damaging the car.

Saillant added: “The aim is to help ASNs have access to the right kind of chassis to practice on. Even an old F1 chassis would cost tens of thousands of Euros to purchase so this offers a cheaper, more practical solution.”