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Earlier this year the FIA, in association with global consultants EY Parthenon, published a major report on the economic impact of motor sport worldwide. With a total gross output of €159.2 billion and 1.5 million jobs globally, our sport makes an extraordinary contribution to economies all over the world.
To illustrate that positive effect, our cover story, the latest in our series on the missions of the FIA’s #PurposeDriven movement, focuses on the motor sport stakeholders behind the goal of Community Development. From the teams at the forefront of innovation, to the Federation’s member ASNs who organise competitions in every region, to the circuit builders growing engagement through infrastructure development, we reveal how our sport delivers technological advances, societal improvement, community engagement and prosperity.
To continue to provide that benefit, motor sport must reflect the concerns of society, and in this edition we provide three examples of how the FIA is ensuring it remains relevant with stories about the Federation’s research into sustainable fuels, the FIA World Rally Championship’s introduction of hybrid power in 2022, and the exciting ambitions of the newly-created FIA World Rally-Raid Championship.
The latter, the sixth senior FIA World Championship and promoted by A.S.O, represents an exciting development, as it not only includes the iconic Dakar Rally but provides great opportunity for manufacturers to explore technologies such as electric and hydrogen power, as well as new fuels. Extending the theme of sustainability, we profile automotive leader Jaguar-Land Rover CEO Thierry Bolloré, who has pledged to make Jaguar an all-electric brand by 2025.
Elsewhere, we speak to Formula 1 legend Mika Häkkinen about his commitment to road safety, and in separate articles AUTO explains how the FIA and FIA Foundation are boosting road safety among vulnerable populations through the FIA Safe and Affordable Helmets programme and the helmet coalition.
We also talk to Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic committee, who tells us how the IOC and FIA are collaborating on road safety, diversity and youth engagement.
Our Rear View section reviews the remarkable racing career of nino vaccarella, who passed away recently, and details the development of the Ferrari 250 GTO, one of the marque’s greatest cars. Finally, we examine the activities of the Touring Club Suisse (TCS), which this year celebrates its 125th anniversary.
As I embark on a new path, I would like to warmly thank my presidential team, the FIA Members Clubs and governing bodies, all the Sport and Mobility stakeholders and, of course, the whole FIA staff, for their hard work, passion and resilience.

Jean Todt

FIA President