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2015 Japanese Grand Prix - Press Information Singapore Grand Prix Track Invasion

Press Information about the Track Invasion at the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix

Suzuka,  26 September - Following the track invasion during last weekend’s Singapore, the event Clerk of the Course, Gabriel Tan, was tasked with compiling a report into the incident.

Mr Tan’s report has now been received by the FIA and in examining events surrounding the invasion the following has been established:

·   The person who entered the circuit did so via a designated Egress Point along the track on the driver’s right on the Esplanade Bridge.

·    This type of EP is a horizontal slot through which personnel can slide through to gain access the track. This opening is secured in selected locations around the circuit outside of race operations periods by the installation of a locking gate.

·     The individual climbed over a 1.1 metre high security fence, gained access to a protected 2-metre-wide Marshal Zone, crossed a carriageway and slid through the opening in the EP. He managed to enter the track in less than 10 seconds.

·     The 1.1m fence in question is of a similar height to fencing used at a number of other F1 events.

·     The individual crossed the track, walking in reverse race direction, and then exited the track approximately 15 seconds later via another EP to the drivers’ left.

·      Upon exiting, the man was immediately apprehended by marshals who handed him over to the police who arrested him.

·      As is common with most circuits, race officials man approximately half of the EPs or other access points located within marshal zones around the circuit. The remainder would have security personnel patrolling the areas and/or spectator fences as an additional barrier.


Following the compilation of his report on the incident, the Clerk of the Course made the following recommendations, which are welcomed by the FIA.

·       The Singapore Grand Prix organisation is currently studying plans to increase security in identified areas. In the affected area where the intrusion occurred, it is considering plans for the installation of higher spectator fences. A substantial increase in the number of marshals in attendance at the event is also being evaluated. These marshals would work hand-in-hand with the security personnel in spectator areas.