2014 to be a landmark year for Historic Karts

The craze for Historic Karts has continued unabated for several years.

The craze for Historic Karts has continued unabated for several years. The movement is growing around the world, with the organization of demonstrations showcasing the restoration work and the engineering of the pioneers of karting that ensured the discipline could become a popular sport with unprecedented growth.

The CIK-FIA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012 at the Coppa dei Campioni at Jesolo (ITA), before setting up a demonstration of Historic Karts, the CIK-FIA Historic Super Cup in 2013 at the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship at Varennes (FRA). This year, the CIK-FIA wants to intensify its publicity efforts around these two events.

The main event on the calendar for Historic Karts and the season opener, the 3rd edition of the Vintage Coppa dei Campioni, will take place on the Pista Azzura at Jesolo (ITA), a venue for  competition karting since the late 60s, on 16th, 17th and 18th May 2014, via a close collaboration between the CIK-FIA and Automotoclub Storico Italiano (ASI). For more information, contact Gian Mario Mollar, Tel. +39 011/8399537, Fax +39 011/8198098, E-mail : [email protected] or visit: www.asifed.it

The successful experience from 2013 at Varennes, both for fans and the public, has led the CIK-FIA to put in place a new international demonstration Historic Super Cup in 2014, at the CIK-FIA World KF & KF-Junior Championships at Essay (FRA) on 20th and 21st September to finish the year in style at one of the most important meetings of the season. Information and registration is via Retrokart France ( www.retrokart-france.fr). Contact the secretary, Joel Pointel, at +33 2 97 81 16 08 or [email protected].