Mobility Clubs

The FIA is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of all road users throughout the world.

One of the FIA's primary roles is to protect the rights and interests of all road users throughout the world. The FIA’s guiding principle is to ensure safe, affordable and clean transport for all, and its Mobility arm advocates to make this a reality. Central to this is maintaining the benefits of personal mobility. 

The FIA aims at:

  • promoting safe road travel,
  • fostering freedom of mobility,
  • encouraging sensible, sustainable tourism worldwide.

To achieve its goals, the FIA leads effective, concerted action in a number of domains:

  • harnessing the strength of its affiliated automobile and touring Clubs around the world,
  • working with its many partners and stakeholders in transport-related industries,
  • tackling new challenges in Mobility as they arise by defining and defending a shared vision, a common strategy, and joint initiatives,
  • remaining at the forefront in the early recognition of new mobility trends, and in the solutions it proposes.

As a direct result of its work, the FIA is recognized as an NGO by the United Nations as an NGO with special consultative status. In this arena the federation actively promotes the interests of road users, on issues such as road safety, mobility, the environment and consumer law.

Ongoing activities include:

  • monitoring and assessing developments in all transport-related sectors determining strategies for effective advocacy (national, regional and global),
  • defining public policy positions (road safety, connected mobility, sustainability) campaigning for safe, affordable mobility,
  • supporting the implementation of new measures to reflect motoring needs.

Through a number of targeted programmes and initiatives, the FIA supports its affiliated automobile Clubs. It works to:

  • help them foster the growth of their membership base,
  • develop their service opportunities,
  • take an active role in public policy and advocacy,
  • meet global challenges,
  • facilitate the exchange of information and best practice,
  • oversee initiatives for mentoring and mutual aid amongst its member organisations,
  • maintain a strong leadership role in corporate and social responsibility.

The FIA counts 165 Mobility Clubs in four Regions:

Region I - Europe, Middle East & Africa

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Region II - Asia & Oceania
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Region III - North America

Region IV - South & Central America
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