FIA World Accident Database

The FIA has launched a new database that will source data and information from racing accidents all over the world.

The first FIA World Accident Database (WADB) will gather the information to guide the future of motor sport safety, and will be used by the FIA and its National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) to log data from accidents; including vehicle and procedural information, as well as medical and other repercussions.

The database will be the next  step forward in  developments improving safety.

A significant number of the major safety improvements made throughout motor sport have been predicated by fatal or serious accidents.

It is difficult to talk about a particular occurrence or a change in safety procedures and technology from a hypothetical point of view.

It is an easier task to develop procedures and technology based on actual data.

At the time of launch, there were accident data recorders in 25 championships around the world providing real car data – the introduction of the FIA World Accident Database will open up an opportunity for the world of motor sport to provide detailed information on any serious accidents that occur.

The WADB will be populated by the 139 ASNs around the world; all will have access to the web-based resource – the sheer scale of potential information sourcing will create considerably greater opportunity for the FIA to, firstly, access the important data and, secondly, use it to develop safety regulations that could have a beneficial impact around the world.

ASNs will add data from fatal and serious accidents that may occur during events across the various disciplines (circuit racing, rallying, rallycross, off-road, hill climb, etc.) – the data will include measurements such as acceleration and speed, descriptions of accidents, as well as any repercussions (especially medical).

The FIA conducted a pilot study into an accident database for two years with eight ASNs – and the feedback has been positive from those involved.

When you have multiple competitors on one circuit, drivers pushing the limit, as well as the mechanical side of the sport, accidents are unavoidable.

The primary goal of the FIA is to minimise, as far as possible, the harm that occurs as a result of accidents when they do happen.

ASNs can click here to go to the relevant documentation for the FIA World Accident Database.