FIA Action for Road Safety Official Supporter: Nissan

Nissan, with its corporate vision of Enriching People’s Lives, formed a partnership with FIA to help make the world’s roads safer through the Action for Road Safety campaign.

As a responsible automobile manufacturer, Nissan is committed to making a positive impact to the world and its people. Nissan, with its extensive global presence established through three brands – Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun - is continuously pursuing the best way to provide safety and comfort to all of society. In the area of safety in particular, Nissan recognizes the importance of addressing the issue of road accidents in order to save precious lives.

This is evident through the holistic approach the company takes to ensure road safety. Nissan has been pursuing safety through the "Triple-Layered Approach" of developing safer vehicles, individuals and society. Nissan vehicles are equipped with industry-leading safety technologies today, and these innovations will extend to the realization of autonomous driving in the years to come. Autonomous driving vehicles are capable of reducing accidents, conserving energy, enhancing traffic management and easing driver stress. At the same time, various initiatives aimed at encouraging safe driving habits are being undertaken by Nissan across the globe. One such initiative is the Nissan Safety Driving Forum, an event that helps educate and advocate safe driving behavior through driving simulators and educational activities.

As part of the multi-year agreement, Nissan is an Official Supporter of the FIA’s AFRS campaign. Nissan believes that safety involves drivers, pedestrians and the community, and together with the FIA, the company will raise awareness and provide safer roads for everyone.