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Club Activities


Club Activities

The FIA has been supporting action by the 236 FIA Member Clubs worldwide to educate and advocate for safer roads, vehicles and behaviour on the ground. So far, more than 180 road safety projects have been supported by the FIA Grant Programme in cooperation with the FIA Foundation in over 60 countries.

FIA Mobility Clubs have developed into leading advocates of road safety improvement in their respective countries and are a powerful constituency representing some 80 million motorists. In addition to implementing their own activities, they have an important role to play towards national and local government, as well as other stakeholders.

One of the ways the FIA directly supports its Mobility Clubs is through its dedicated ‘Grant Programme’, established in 2012. The Grant Programme works to raise awareness, improve driver behaviour and advocate for safer roads. For example, this programme has seen many promising results, such as the ‘Boda Boda’ (2 or 3 wheel taxis) programme in Tanzania, the Canadian ‘Share the Road’ initiative or Nepal’s ‘Safer Vehicles for Nepal’ campaign. To read more about this, please visit our Mobility Grants page.

For any further information about the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme, please contact Irene Papanikolaou (