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By 2050 the world urban population is expected to nearly double, making urbanisation one of the 21st century’s most transformative trends.

Cities around the world are currently rethinking their urban policies, with a focus on sustainability and mobility plays a central role in this process.

On the path to reaching sustainable development targets, transport authorities seek innovative solutions to meet a growing mobility demand and tackle existing urban mobility issues: pollution, congestion and road safety hazards are some of the problems cities face in the process of rapid urbanization.

The FIA Smart Cities initiative was launched in 2017 to encourage the relevant stakeholders to address these pressing concerns and discuss potential solutions to fill the gaps in modern mobility systems.

The FIA Formula E platform provides a unique arena for the FIA Smart Cities Initiative along with the FIA’s expertise in its complimentary pillars of Mobility and Sport. This urban-focused fully electric championship is hosted in city centres around the world, one of the objectives being to promote interest in sustainable motoring and showcase the use of innovative clean technologies. The focus on innovation is therefore at the core of the FIA Smart Cities framework.

FIA Smart Cities will endeavour to demonstrate how cities can grow in a more sustainable and inclusive way, making the best use of innovative technology and calling for effective policy-making.

“Solving the mobility challenge will require bold, coordinated actions from the private and public sectors: it is my hope that the FIA Smart Cities initiative can contribute to design better cities for those who live in them now and for future generations” said Jean Todt.



On the Friday before selected Formula E events, FIA Smart Cities will bring together experts from different fields of sustainable mobility to lead a discussion on how new forms of mobility, efficient urban planning and demand focused policy-making have helped cities expand and modernise their transport systems. Speakers from national and local authorities, research institutes, important industry players and FIA members will reflect on how innovations have paved a way for cleaner, safer and more sustainable mobility solutions in various cities worldwide.

At the crossroads of sport and mobility, the FIA Smart Cities Forum will help cities define a path towards a sustainable future.

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All cities hosting a Formula E round in Season 3 are invited to share a project that has contributed to the development of sustainable mobility through innovative policies and/or services. A panel of high-profile judges will select the most innovative projects. 



The goal of this international entrepreneurship contest is to identify, support and invest in the world’s most innovative and impactful technology companies in the smart cities ecosystem.

Projects put forward to the panel for review will focus on technologies that advance safe and sustainable mobility solutions in cities. The themes addressed will include, but not be limited to, road safety, the Industrial Internet of Things, autonomous driving, e-mobility, hardware and smart infrastructure, big data and artificial intelligence, the sharing economy and digital services.


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