Improving Occupational Road Safety One Company at a Time

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FIA members the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM), the Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE) and the Automobile Club of the Czech Republic (UAMK) are working together with employees and business for greater road safety.

Between 18-31 March 2015, the ACM in collaboration with the RACE and UAMK carried out road safety trainings for the employees of Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF). This is just one of the many initiatives that ACM has carried out with the GNF to improve occupational road safety in the company.

Over 700 workers, including senior management staff, attended the theoretical road safety course, which explained the main road traffic risk factors. This included drink driving, distracted driving, driver fatigue, seatbelt use, speeding and tire maintenance, as well as measures drivers must take to reduce these potential risks. The participants of the training also tested the roll over simulator to understand the importance of seatbelt use. This simulator allows participants to feel the laws of physics and the role seat belts play in the case of a serious crash.

The participants also had the chance to practice their driving abilities on the driving simulator and were surprised by hazards and danger present in everyday traffic situations. Teaching participants how to brake effectively and avoid a crash, the simulator checked participants’ braking reaction time and the importance of stopping distance in relation to speed.

The main benefits of the course are that drivers have become more aware of what may be happening on the road, which promotes greater responsibility and attention while driving. Large companies with car fleets also benefit from these trainings thanks to a reduction of road accidents and operational costs due to ecological driving techniques.

The Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) is a non-governmental organisation, created in 1998 with the goal to develop motoring, technical road assistance service and motor tourism.