FIA Annual General Assembly

Attended by all the FIA Member Clubs, the General Assembly congregates once a year to plan the future course of the Federation.

The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the FIA. It is chaired by the President and is composed of automobile and touring clubs and national sporting authorities representing the FIA member organisations. It meets once a year.

Occasionally, the General Assembly is convened as an extraordinary general assembly to discuss matters that affect the entire membership and cannot be held until the next meeting.

The General Assembly’s agenda is in principle composed of items that have been brought forward by the FIA’s two World Councils (World Motor Sport Council and World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism), as well as items brought forward by the Senate.

The General Assembly also has a number of unique competences, including approval of the budget and election of all major FIA officials.


A full list of the FIA’s membership is available here.


2021 FIA Annual General Assembly Newsletters