BIHAMK Launches Nationwide Road Safety Campaign: "Who's Gonna' Drive You Home? The Choice is Yours"

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The Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile Club (BIHAMK) headquartered in the capital city, Sarajevo, has launched a nationwide digital road safety campaign titled "Who's Gonna' Drive You Home? The Choice is Yours." Supported by various stakeholders, including the Public Company Road Directorate of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Traffic Police, Medical Emergency Services of Sarajevo Canton, Cantonal Public Company for Funerals and Cemeteries Management, Association of Taxi Drivers – "Sarajevo Taxi," Bus Transport Operator - "CENTROTRANS," and "Rajlovac" scrapyard, BIHAMK aims to address the serious road safety challenges in the country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina currently faces one of the highest road accident statistics in Europe, with road fatalities approximately 80% higher than the EU average. December, the holiday season, witnesses the largest number of road traffic accidents (10.1%). 

Sadly, one out of five accidents is caused by drivers unfit to drive due to alcohol abuse, while nine out of ten accidents result from preventable driver-related factors like tiredness, excessive speed, drug abuse, and distracted driving.

To combat this issue and raise awareness, BIHAMK has strategically launched a road safety message encapsulated in the question/answer phrase, "Who’s Gonna’ Drive You Tonight? The Choice is Yours." 

The campaign targets all road traffic participants, emphasising the responsibility of choosing alternative transportation for drivers who have consumed alcohol.

Inspired by the famous song "Drive" by the American rock band "The Cars," the main message underscores that there is always someone who cares and can ensure a safe journey home.

The campaign, executed through BIHAMK's official site, has garnered excellent feedback. It was conducted during the end-of-year festive season from December 22 to January 7.

BIHAMK remains committed to promoting road safety and encourages responsible choices for a safer driving experience.

For more information, visit BIHAMK's official website.