Touring and Automobile Club of Peru Launches "Saving Lives" Campaign for Safer Roads

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The Touring and Automobile Club of Peru (TACP) has recently launched the "Saving Lives" campaign to promote awareness and safety in the process of obtaining driving licenses.

According to the National Police of Peru (PNP), there were 42,784 traffic incidents in the first half of 2023, leading to 1,518 fatalities and 28,370 injuries. TACP aims to tackle human factors like recklessness and speeding, which are major causes of accidents. Automobiles are most frequently involved in these incidents.

The initiative, led by the Touring's Evaluation Center, emphasises the importance of a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that only well-prepared drivers are granted licenses, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents and saving lives.

Saida Jeri, Head of the Touring's Evaluation Center, highlighted the campaign's focus on promoting awareness and responsibility regarding road safety, stating, "Every year, we see a concerning rise in traffic accidents due to a lack of awareness. That's why we've launched this social responsibility campaign."

The campaign was officially unveiled during a breakfast event attended by journalists from various media outlets, where the significance of the initiative was highlighted.

As part of the campaign, the Evaluation Center has introduced improvements for applicants, including camera monitoring and streamlined service flow, resulting in a 30% reduction in wait times, among other enhancements.