Latest decisions concerning Historic Motor Sport

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At its meeting in Beijing on 12 September, the World Motor Sport Council took the following decisions concerning Historic Motor Sport.

On the proposal of the Historic Motor Sport Commission, the World Motor Sport Council approved the eligibility of cars from Period J2 for the 2015 FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship. These cars dating from 1986 to 1990 will be part of Category 4. Cars with a supercharged engine from Period J2 will need to have restrictors of 36 or 38 mm, depending on whether they are entered in Group N or Group A. The nominal cylinder capacity of cars up to and including Period J1 with a supercharged engine will be multiplied by a coefficient of 1.4 and that of Period J2 cars by a coefficient of 1.7.

This same Category 4 will also include two new classes – E7 and E8 – for Group N cars under and over 1600 cm3.

For the FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship itself, the system of coefficients (1, 2 or 3) applied to competitions will be abandoned and replaced by a calendar divided up into three sections. The first section, called “A”, will include the first five competitions of the season; section “B” will comprise the following five and section “C” will comprise all remaining rallies. To be classified in the Championship, each driver or co-driver must have taken part in at least two competitions of each section, i.e. six rallies in total. He will be allowed to count a maximum of three results per section, i.e. a maximum of nine scores. The 2015 Championship calendar will be revealed at the next World Council meeting, on 3 December 2014.

For the FIA Historic Regularity Rally Trophy, it was decided to open the competition to Period I cars (1977-1981). Cars of Periods J1 and J2 will be allowed to participate, but without scoring points in the Trophy.

From 2015, the FIA Historic Hill Climb Championship will be open to Period J2 cars. The 2015 calendar will be split into two sections and the drivers will retain all their results obtained in each section, less one.

Four amendments to Appendix VII to Appendix K were approved and concern the Lotus Elan, Lancia Stratos and Morgan (ROPS for each of them) and the Opel Kadett C GT/E of Period H1 (radiator). To see the updated version of Appendix K, click here.