First ever FIA-FIM Committee meeting convenes in Lille

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The inaugural FIA-FIM Committee Meeting was held within the framework of the annual FIM Commissions Conference in Lille, France on February 7.

The landmark occasion signals a strengthening of the collaboration between the two international motorsport federations.

The main purpose of the Committee is to act as a communication and co-ordination mechanism between the FIA and FIM so as the two parties can share information and support mutual opportunities.

The shared challenges faced by both international motorsport federations include such topics as medical, technical, environmental, regulatory, legal and EDI. It was agreed that joining forces and sharing resources on these issues would produce a mutually beneficial outcome.

The Committee is chaired by Jan Šťovíček, as FIA World Motor Sport Council member and ex-FIM Board of Directors member. The Committee is comprised of FIA Vice-Presidents – Fabiana Ecclestone and Rodrigo Rocha, the Secretary General Sport (when appointed) and Michael Mathys, Head of CEO Office and Special Projects. The FIM has nominated Michal Sikora - FIM Europe President, Stephan Carapiet - FIM Asia President, and FIM administration representatives Jean-Paul Gombeaud - Sports Director and Nita Korhonen - FMN/CONU Liaison Director as their representatives on the Committee.

The inaugural initial meeting focused on defining the role of the committee, the responsibilities of its members and defining co-operation in the areas of sustainability, a discussion that benefitted from the presence of Kattia Juarez - Director of FIM Sustainability Commission while other topics included circuit homologation.

Representatives from the respective safety departments of the FIA and FIM have previously collaborated on the redesign of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. The first-ever combined FIA and FIM Women in Motorsport Conference was also held in London in December, 2022.

The Committee agreed to review the inter-federations project United Against Abuse, which was brought to the agenda by the FIA. The intention is to gather support from the FIM and engage other international federations in the mission.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA President, said: “Combining the resources and knowhow of our two federations makes perfect sense from the perspective of pooling resources, sharing experiences and ideas for the mutual benefit of two and four-wheel motorsport. As we deepen our collaboration on future projects and meet the challenges that lie ahead, I believe we are stronger together.”

Jan Šťovíček - FIM-FIA Committee Chairman said: “I would like to thank both the FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem and the FIM President Jorge Viegas for their support and involvement in this momentous initiative.  This is a truly historical moment, for the first time in history that the co-operation of our two federations has been formally institutionalised. With my experience as mixed national federation President and member of both the FIA World Motor Sport Council and FIM Board of Directors I know how important this is to develop motorsport and to meet the joint challenges of today’s world. I am honoured to be part of this mission.”

Jorge Viegas - FIM President said: “As in most cases in the modern world, we can be stronger and more effective through collaboration and co-operation, so I am proud and delighted to see and play my part in the formalisation of this important FIA-FIM Committee. Through our separate activities we share many of the same challenges that can be brought to better resolutions by working closely together and sharing our experiences and expertise from the different federations. Finally, I would like to pledge my full support from the FIM side for the FIA online abuse project, and our commitment to developing this project further.”