The World Finals of the 2021 FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships to be Broadcast on 4-5 December!

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After a year of fantastic racing action, the 2021 Series of the FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships will finally reach its climax at the World Finals.

This is the fourth year of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships and the 2021 Series has been hosted fully online. It started with the annual Online Series in April, and there were also four ‘World Series’ events that replaced the ‘Top 16 Superstars’ held in previous years.

The ‘World Series Showdown’ event marked the midway point of the Series in August. Now, the top 58 drivers who successfully navigated qualification will compete on the ‘World Finals’ stage to become the world's fastest nation/territory and the top global automobile manufacturer.

All the action from the Manufacturer Series is scheduled to be broadcast from 3:00pm (CET) on 4th of December on the official FIA and Gran Turismo channels, whilst the Nations Cup will take place on 5th of December at 3:00pm CET.

In the Manufacturer Series, Toyota clinched the top spot from Mazda in the previous Round 4 race, but both teams go into the World Finals tied on 13 points. Which of the 12 manufacturer teams will be crowned Series champion for 2021?

After racking up the points with some fine racing displays throughout the 2021 Series, Italy's Valerio Gallo goes into the Nations Cup World Finals in first place with a six points lead over Spain's Jose Serrano, in second. Will anybody be able to stop the Italian maestro?

Be sure to tune in!



Ryota Kokubun (Japan) ; Valerio Gallo (Italy) ; Jose Serrano (Spain) ; Coque Lopez (Spain) ; Igor Fraga (Brazil) ; Angel Inostroza (Chile) ; Takuma Miyazono (Japan) ; Adam Tapai (Hungary) ; Nikita Moysov (Czech Republic) ; Adriano Carrazza (Brazil) ; Tomoaki Yamanaka (Japan) ; Lucas Bonelli (Brazil) ; Kanata Kawakami (Japan) ; Andrew Lee (Australia) ; Nicolas Romero (Spain) ; Quinten Jehoul (Belgium) ; Baptiste Beauvois (France) ; Kylian Drumont (France) ; Giorgio Mangano (Italy) ; Patrik Blazsan (Hungary) ; Arie Haydar (Netherlands) ; Miroslaw Kravchenko (Germany) ; Randall Haywood (United States) ; Daniel Solis (United States) ; Andrew Brooks (Canada) ; Juan Hernandez (Guatemala) ; Joao Pessoa (Brazil) ; Soma Iseri (Japan) ; Jonathan Wong (Hong Kong) ; Tatsuhiko Kato (Japan) ; Guy Barbara (Australia) ; Matthew McEwen (New Zealand).



Toyota (I. Fraga ; T. Yamanaka ; C. Lopez) ; Honda (V. Gallo ; S. Sugimori ; J. Pessoa) ; Aston Martin (N. Moysov ; A. Wilk ; A. Regalado) ; Volkswagen (H. Okumoto ; R. Sternberg ; T. Labouteley) ; Porsche (J. Serrano ; A. Inostroza ; T. Sugawara) ; Mercedes-Benz (L. Bonelli ; B. Beauvois ; K. Cho) ; Subaru (T. Miyazono ; T. Scibilia ; D. Solis) ; Hyundai (A. Lee ; K. Pounder ; F. Merenda) ; Jaguar (A. Brooks ; S. Iseri ; A. Tapai) ; Mazda (R. Kokubun ; J. Gallan ; M. Kravchenko ) ; Nissan (M. Hafidi ; S. Sato ; E. Lim) ; BMW (K. Belic ; D. Heldt ; R. Kumata).