Driving Road Safety improvements: Nepal Automobiles’ Association completes ‘Improving Our Roads Through RSA’

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The two-year project won the support of local stakeholders, and has driven wide-ranging improvements across the region.

Nepal Automobiles’ Association (NASA) has completed its ‘Improving Our Roads Through RSA’ project.

The project, which was funded by the FIA Foundation and the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme, aimed to improve road safety provisions across the Birendranagar Muncipality and other parts of the Surkhet district.

Over the course of the two-year project, the team assessed signage, road markings, intersections and pedestrian crossings along 75km of roads.These assessments ultimately led to the installation of a wide range of new road safety features, including 97 road safety sign boards, 23 address name boards, 373 sq. metre road markings, 25 convex mirrors and 167 delineated posts.

NASA also organized a capacity-building training session for traffic police, government officials, local NGOs, and other stakeholders in Karnali Province.

The project is expected to yield long-term safety improvements for the region, and will play a key part in the ongoing development of Birendragar and Surkhet’s safe and sustainable transport infrastructure.