A new step forward for the FIA Environment and Sustainability Commission

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The first meeting of the FIA Environment and Sustainability Commission under the Presidency of Mohammed Ben Sulayem was held today, chaired by Felipe Calderon, former President of Mexico. The FIA Deputy President for Sport, Robert Reid as well as the new Vice-President of the Commission, Andrew Fraser, CEO of Motorsport Australia, also attended the meeting.

The guidance of the Commission on the various environment and sustainability-focused initiatives is part of the FIA's commitment to become a major player inbuilding a low-carbon future, acting on its two pillars, Sport and Mobility.

In December 2020, the FIA adopted an ambitious environmental strategy, with one of the objectives becoming carbon neutral in 2021, on route to net zero by 2030. The commitment builds on the FIA’s increasing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its activities in both sport and mobility by setting clear goals and accomplishing them across all FIA spheres of responsibility.

2021 was marked by new achievements such as the Implementation of carbon reduction measures within the FIA administration, reducing its carbon emissions and investing in carbon compensation projects for offsetting the remaining, to become carbon neutral in the first year. FIA also obtained the ISO 14001:2015 certification, and made progress on the Environmental Accreditation Program (Sport and Mobility)

One of the most significant steps forward has been the research, development, and production by the FIA’s Technical Department of a 100 % sustainable fuel, meeting F1 stringent specifications. From 2022, the FIA World Endurance Championship and the FIA World Rally Championship are using sustainable fuel, further assuring an alignment with the overarching FIA Environmental Strategy and a responsible and innovative motor sport. FIA Karting will also implement 100% sustainable fuel for all its championships from 2023 and work is underway for other disciplines in the coming years.


FIA Environment & Sustainability Commission President, Felipe Calderon, said: “I had the honor to Chair the first meeting of the year of the Environment and Sustainability Commission, the first meeting of the new Era of FIA. A new era that renovates a strong commitment with the environment. In our session, we reviewed what we have achieved so far. Once the environmental strategy was approved, last year the FIA reached its first target: to be carbon neutral and starting a comprehensive process to be carbon zero by the year 2030. In 2021, we reached carbon neutrality as a first step on our strategy. And now, we took a new step forward in our endeavor - to make sustainable motorsport and mobility for all. We reviewed the strategy, checked the most challenging issues, and discussed issues as important as our accreditation program, our carbon emission reduction strategy, and sustainable fuels and sustainable tires, among others. This is a new era in FIA, with renovated and serious commitment to make motorsport and mobility sustainable.”