Our Journey to Net Zero: FIA promotes ISO Net Zero Guidelines at COP28

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At COP28, the FIA joined BSI Group to explain how it has used the ISO Net Zero Guidelines to refine and improve its decarbonisation strategy.

A Guide to International Acknowledgment

Internationally recognised as best practice guidance, the ISO Net Zero Guidelines support organisations to structure and strengthen their existing strategies to ensure that they reach their targets.

Thanks to the Guidelines, the FIA has identified key areas for focus, including formalised emissions reduction and greater coordination between sustainability strategy and advocacy. This will ultimately help the Federation to reach its ambitious targets – including the one of achieving net zero by 2030.

Commenting on this new approach, FIA CEO Natalie Robyn said: “Back in 2020, we set ourselves ambitious targets to reach net zero by 2030. As an international federation, it is extremely important for us to adhere to recognised global standards and best practices. That is why we chose to adopt the ISO Net Zero Guidelines in 2023. This tool greatly helped us identify the areas for improvement in our strategy and we are now able to move forward with a high-integrity approach.”

The FIA showcased these developments at COP28, including through a video shown at the BSI Group (the British Standards Institution) stand in the Blue Zone.

Watch Natalie Robyn's video testimonial below:


Sharing Experience

At COP28, FIA Sustainability Manager Barbara Silva also spoke about the Guidelines implementation process during the 'Transition to Net Zero: ISO Net Zero Guidelines' panel hosted by Reuters, alongside BSI Group.

Watch the full panel video below:


Commenting on the panel, Barbara Silva highlighted her experience working on the guidelines and ensuring the successful implementation of sustainability strategies. She said: "My objective is to become completely useless. I am working with every single department to raise capacity on sustainability and making sure they understand why it is relevant in their daily job. It’s not only about leadership from the top but bringing all your colleagues alongside the journey.” 

Paving the Way
With its refined strategy, the FIA is also looking beyond 2030 and leveraging its unique position as the Governing Body for world motorsport and the Federation of the world’s leading mobility organisations to encourage sustainable transitions across its Championships and Member Clubs.