FIA Sport Grant Programme Applications Open

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The application process for the fourth year of the FIA Sport Grant Programme is now open to ASNs and ACNs

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Applications for the fourth year of the FIA Sport Grant Programme have opened today, 1 June 2017, and Clubs will be able to make their submissions until 23 August 2017.

The programme will run in the same format as it has previously, with the following four categories open to applications from both National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) and National Automobile Clubs (ACNs):

  • Safety
  • ASN Structure & Management
  • Motor Sport Development
  • Social Responsibility

Clubs are invited to apply individually or as part of a cluster – a small group of Clubs in close geographical proximity whose training needs are at a similar level.

By the end of the 2017 Sport Grant Programme, almost €8 million will have been distributed, helping over 100 countries around the world with their motor sport training initiatives.

Applications for the FIA Sport Grant Programme must be made online via the applications portal which can be accessed here.

For more information about the programme, and to find contact details for further applications enquiries, visit the FIA Sport Grant Programme website here or email