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WADB - World Accident Database

The FIA has launched a database that will source data and information from racing accidents all over the world.


The WADB was developed on the instructions of FIA President Jean Todt to build a data resource for the analysis of motor sport safety issues, using an online portal where ASNs and FIA-appointed Incident Reporting Officers (IROs) can enter information on serious accidents through a simple and secure interface. The objectives are:

-       to facilitate the reporting of serious accidents in adequate detail;

-       to create a scientifically valid source of data concerning traumas in motor sport accidents and their causes, enabling epidemiological analyses;

-       to monitor the performance of regulatory safety systems;

-       to afford the FIA a real-time overview of safety issues throughout motor sport, in order to identify areas where research into measures to prevent injuries is indicated;

-       to promote to ASNs the benefits of a highly responsible attitude to accident reporting  in gaining the recognition and support of public authorities for the governance of all forms of the sport.

All ASNs are urged to take the time to become familiar with the system and procedures described in the attached documents.


ASNs are requested to submit data for all accidents* corresponding to the following "trigger" definitions only:

·        Fatal Accident - where death occurs within 30 days of the accident;

·        Serious Accident - where a person is admitted to hospital with a prognosis of at least two months' incapacitation;

.       Significant Incidents - involving the incursion of a competing vehicle into a public area.

*accidents occurring in any four-wheeled motor sport event on the ASN's territory, except for FIA Championships, Trophies Cups or Challenges and those series equipped with Accident Data Recorders, which are reported on by the relevant FIA-appointed delegates, in collaboration with the ASN.



The documents attached below explain the system, how it works and the procedures and obligations which must be respected for collecting accident data and submitting it to the WADB.

The related FIA Accident Report Forms 0, 1 and 2 can be downloaded from the fia.com Private Area (via FIA Sport – W.A.D.B.), or obtained from wadb@fia.com on request.



Each ASN has received by email from the FIA an individual password and user name in order to access the WADB portal.

URL:     http://accidentdatabase.fia.com

ASNs without such credentials should apply to the FIA WADB Data Processor, at:


The WADB Portal is compatible with the following desktop web browsers: Internet Explorer 8 and later; Firefox; Chrome; Safari.


For all questions relating to the collection of data and its submission to the WADB, contact the FIA WADB Data Processor at: wadb@fia.com

Please note that all information contained within the WADB is confidential and for research purposes only. No access to the WADB is permitted for anyone except accredited persons within the FIA or its research bodies.

Attached Files

WADB Guide

FIA Data Gathering Guidelines

FIA Declaration of Consent