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The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) has announced that AVL RACETECH has become an official supplier of Vehicle Simulation Software and related services.

The partnership between the FIA and AVL RACETECH is a significant step forward in the development of motorsport technology, with The FIA using AVL RACETECH's expertise in the field of vehicle dynamics and simulation as official Vehicle Simulation Software supplier.

AVL RACETECH lap-simulation expertise is utilised by the FIA across a range of championships including Formula 1, Formula E, the World Rally Championship, the World Endurance Championship and cross-country events.

FIA Chief Technical & Safety Officer, Xavier Mestelan Pinon, said: “The Vehicle Dynamics Lap-time Software from AVL RACETECH unlocked unprecedented simulation capabilities within the FIA Technical Department from which the entire FIA benefits. This software plays a pivotal role in crafting technical regulations of the vast majority of FIA Championships (F1, FE, WEC, WRC,…), assists the circuit homologation process and ultimately helps in shaping the future of motorsport exploring new technologies or boosting the existent. As an example, our partnership with AVL RACETECH is currently instrumental in molding the next generation of Formula E cars. With this cutting-edge software, we're pushing the boundaries of electrification and performance to uncharted territories for electric vehicles”.

AVL RACETECH's strategic orientation is based on providing cutting-edge solutions for the development of powertrains and vehicle systems. By partnering with the FIA, AVL RACETECH will be able to further develop their software and simulation tools to meet the needs of motorsport and automotive industries.

AVL RACETECH, Michael Peinsitt, Department Manager Race Engineering, said: “AVL RACETECH are honoured to extend our partnership with FIA in the field of vehicle dynamics simulation for motorsports applications. Over the past four years, our collaboration has yielded remarkable results, pushing the limits of innovation in that field. Our shared commitment to excellence coupled with our collective expertise, ensures that we will continue to drive progress and shape the future of vehicle dynamics simulation.”


About the FIA The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring and mobility organisations.

Founded in 1904, with headquarters in Paris and Geneva, the FIA is a non-profit organisation. It brings together 243 motoring and motor sport club members from 147 countries across five continents. Its Member Clubs represent millions of motorists, mobility users and motor sport professionals and volunteers.

In motor sport, it administers the rules and regulations for all international four-wheel sport, including the FIA World Rally Championship and regional rally championships, to ensure fair, capably regulated and safe events are conducted in all corners of the globe. In the realm of Mobility, the FIA aims to ensure that safe, affordable and clean systems of transport are available to all.



AVL RACETECH, is the global motorsport division of AVL. For over 20 years, AVL RACETECH works with customers in more than 17 racing series across the globe in the fields of engineering, testing, simulation and manufacturing. It is a key supplier for teams in the most respected racing series, from Formula 1 and NASCAR to MotoGP, and provides state-of-the-art technology and services to the motorsport world. AVL RACETECH views motorsport as a platform for innovations. We transform our team's expertise into technologies and solutions to ´Innovate. Accelerate. Lead.´