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FIA Member Club the Automobile Club Association (ACA) is changing its name to Mobilité Club France in order to adapt to the evolving mobility landscape and remain as close as possible to its members’ needs.

Automobile Club Association, Mobilité Club France

Created in April 1900 with the development of automobile traffic, the ACA has always relied on its community of members to decipher the evolutions, needs and changes happening in the field of mobility.

With road users now able to walk, ride bicycles, scooters, drive cars or use public transport, mobility is increasingly multimodal and intermodal. Given this evolving mobility landscape, the ACA has had to adapt its services to remain relevant and better respond to its members’ needs. This change in the Club’s activities and services had to be reflected in its name: ACA is now becoming Mobilité Club France.

"Our desire is to continue to serve our values of commitment, trust and solidarity and to accompany our members in all forms of their mobility," declared Mobilité Club France President Didier Bollecker.

Why Mobilité Club France?

  • Mobilité: Personal mobility has become a right and a guarantee of social and economic ties. The mission of Mobilité Club France is to act to improve the mobility ecosystem on a daily basis.
  • Club: The goal of Mobilité Club France is to bring together members around common values, with a privileged and close relationship.
  • France: Mobilité Club France is a member of the FIA and a representative of the Federation in France.

The purpose of Mobilité Club France remains the same: to promote safe and sustainable mobility for all.

A tangible example of this commitment is the project that won the FIA President’s Road Safety Award in December 2022. The website addresses a key societal challenge: ensuring mobility remains accessible and adapted to elderly people in a country, France, where more than one person in five is aged 65 or over — with this segment of the population expected to grow in the coming years. Providing relevant information and offering road safety questionnaires and tests, the website represents a practical solution that can be replicated in countries facing the same demographic challenge. Since its creation, has recorded over 50,000 visitors and nearly 5,000 tests have been carried out.