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  • First FIA Annual General Assembly led by President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.
  • FIA Member Organisations vote on proposals to take Mobility and Motor Sport forward.
  • President Ben Sulayem confirms FIA’s COP28 participation among other initiatives.
  • Winners of inaugural FIA President’s Awards revealed.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Annual General Assembly took place in Bologna, Italy, earlier today, the first to be led by President Mohammed Ben Sulayem alongside Deputy President for Sport Robert Reid, Deputy President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism Tim Shearman and Senate President Carmelo Sanz de Barros. 

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem said: “Our goal for 2022 was to create real momentum. We have got the FIA back on track, we are becoming a knowledge-led federation, and we are delivering for our Members. Now our challenge is to sustain that change. We will act on our plan to transform our operating model with world class governance. We will continue to empower Clubs, Members, and the World Councils.”

He continued: “I have seen that by working together we can truly make the FIA a Member-led, Club focused, and a regionally empowered federation. We can become the global voice of Mobility and Motor Sport. I look forward to working with all of you to achieve this.”

President Ben Sulayem outlined several key achievements during his team’s first year in office. He highlighted initiatives such as the expansion of the FIA University, the new FIA Motor Sport Engineering Scholarship, and the FIA Immersion programme, which has given six young people from different Member Organisations the chance to gain knowledge abroad to share with their home Clubs.

To preserve the FIA’s rich heritage, President Ben Sulayem announced the opening of an e-library. 

He also gave details of steps taken to tackle online abuse using an artificial intelligence system that has blocked 2,400 severely toxic messages from appearing on the FIA’s social media channels.

For the first time the FIA will take part in COP28 in the United Arab Emirates next year, the perfect platform to showcase the Federation’s strong commitment to lead in sustainability. And promote safe, affordable, and sustainable motor sport and mobility for all.

Since 2019, the number of Member Clubs who have achieved environmental accreditation has tripled, which has resulted in the FIA winning the IOC Carbon Action Reward.

President Ben Sulayem confirmed the appointment of a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor, underlined the creation of the first FIA Road Safety Index and the One Road global loyalty programme.

To help Member Clubs, the Motorsport in a Box programme has been launched to encourage participation in grassroots motor sport. Action has also been taken to foster improved diversity and inclusion. 

The increased participation in FIA World Championships, including Audi in Formula One, was also highlighted. 


Winners of FIA President’s Awards revealed

The winners of the 2022 FIA President’s Awards were revealed during the FIA Annual General Assembly meeting. From 51 applications submitted by FIA Members, the following received awards: Royal Automobile Club of Jordan (Climate Action), Mobilité Club France (Road Safety), and Motorsport Australia (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion). A Special Award was given to the Fédération Automobile d’Ukraine for its Intensive Emergency Training for Internally Displaced Female Drivers.

Launched in September 2022, the FIA President’s Awards aim to recognise the significant work carried out by FIA Member Clubs to bring sustainable and measurable change within the FIA community and society at large in the fields of climate action, road safety, and equality, diversity and inclusion. By raising awareness on these causes and highlighting existing solutions, the Awards will contribute to the achievement of the global sustainable development goals which are central to the FIA’s mission.


Amendments to the Statutes

Proposed amendments to the Statutes were approved. They mainly cover the creation of the new position of Chief Executive Officer; an update of the entities which can propose candidates or election to the Cost Cap Adjudication Panel, International Tribunal and International Court of Appeal and changes to the grouping of the North Africa and Middle East Vice-Presidencies for Sport.


Election to FIA bodies

World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism Members



Proposed by

Andrej Brglez


Avto-Moto Zveza Slovenije

Günter Thumser


Österreichischer Automobil- Motorrad - und Touring Club


Cost Cap Adjudication Panel



Proposed by

Benjamin Cairns

United Kingdom

Formula One World Championship

Matilde Costa Dias


Federação Portuguesa de Automobilismo e Karting

Marek Malecki


Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation

Javier Martin-Merino


Real Federación Española de Automovilismo

José Alvarez Rodriguez


Asociación Automovilística de Touring y Deportes de Panamá

Josep Vandellos


Automobile Federation of Moldova


President of Ethics Committee



Proposed by

Michael Ango


Automobile and Touring Club of Nigeria


Ethics Committee Members



Proposed by

Robert Darbelnet

Canada, USA, France


Denen Ikya



Viviane Monteiro



Silvio Schutzer




Honorary Membership



Proposed by

Honorary Deputy President for Mobility & President of the Senate

Brian Gibbons


Honorary Vice-President

Hermann Tomczyk


Honorary Member

Vincenzo Spano



Admission of new members




Motorsports Association of Malaysia




Striking off the rolls




Arvikon Automobile and Tourist Club


Automobile Mobility and Tourism

Automobile Association of Georgia


Automobile Mobility and Tourism

Automobile and Touring Club of Israel


Automobile Mobility and Tourism

International Association of Road Hauliers of Moldova 


Automobile Mobility and Tourism


Progress reports approved

The annual progress reports from the World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism and World Motor Sport Council were approved. These highlight the activities undertaken by the Mobility and Motor Sport Divisions in 2022.


Proposed amendments to the FIA International Sporting Code approved

Several amendments to the International Sporting Code were approved by the Assembly. They include: 

Article 9.1 has been added to the Code to cover a cooling-off period of six months to be served by the FIA President and the FIA Deputy President for Sport at the completion of their terms in respect of their duty to keep confidential information relating to FIA Championships they are privy to. 

Articles 12.2.1.k and 20, which relate to the use of inappropriate language, have been changed to make it a general rule of behaviour and widen its scope of application. 

Article 12.2.1.n. is changed to enable the FIA to align itself to the practices of other similar international sports organisations such as FIFA, IOC and FIBA on the matter of neutrality by amending the ISC to this effect. This will allow the ISC to widen its scope of application to cover statements/comments in violation of the general principle of neutrality.

In addition, seven other proposals were approved. They are an update of the matters which fall outside the authority of the stewards; applicable laws; official ceremonies at FIA Championships; environmental requirements for circuits; ASN development series; update in relation to the registration of the staff of competitors as well as of manufacturers registered to supply Formula E cars and Formula One power units to competitors entered in these FIA World Championships; limited-speed competitions. 


FIA General Assemblies in 2023

Two General Assemblies will take place in 2023. The first one will be held during the week of the FIA Conference and will be mainly dedicated to the approval of the yearly accounts. The date and location of this first General Assembly are subject to confirmation. 

The date and location of the second General Assembly in conjunction with the Prize Giving have been confirmed for the city of Baku in Azerbaijan on 8 December 2023.