The « World Series – Round 1 » of the FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships gets underway on June 6

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The FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021 Series, which commenced on April 21, has provided incredible racing action thus far, and things will come to a head with the eagerly-anticipated "World Series - Round 1," which will be broadcast on June 6 at 16:30 p.m. Paris time. Those wanting to catch all the breathtaking action can find it on the official FIA and Gran Turismo channels.

The World Series is a global online competition where the top drivers from around the globe go wheel-to-wheel in a four-round/two-season competition. The event takes place in June, July, October, and November, with Round 1 of the series featuring drivers from the 2020 World Finals, meaning that the level of competition is going to be at the highest levels.

As part of the FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships, the World Series will include both Nations Cup, where drivers represent their countries and territories, as well as the Manufacturer Series in which each competitor competes for a specific automobile manufacturer. Fourteen competitors including last year’s champion, Japan’s Takuma Miyazono, will be featured in the Nations Cup, along with World Finals runner-up Valerio Gallo (Italy) and third-place Ryota Kokubun (Japan). The Manufacturer Series will have plenty of impressive talent as well, including veterans Nicolás Rubilar (BMW), Vinicius Neto (Audi) and Manuel Troncoso (Lamborghini).

Who will reign supreme in the inaugural World Series event? Don't miss a second of the non-stop action!

Nations Cup Competitors

Takuma Miyazono (Japan) ;  Valerio Gallo (Italy) ; Ryota Kokubun (Japan) ; Jose Serrano (Spain) ;  Tomoaki Yamanaka (Japan); Andrew Brooks (Canada) ; Giorgio Mangano (Italy) ; Lucas Bonelli (Brazil) ; Coque López (Spain) ; Adriano Carrazza (Brazil) ; Patrik Blazsán (Hungary) ; Baptiste Beauvois (France) ; Angel Inostroza (Chile) ; Ádám Tápai (Hungary).

Manufacturer Series Competitors

Takuma Miyazono (Subaru) ; Nicolás Rubilar (BMW) ; Lucas Bonelli (Mercedes-Benz) ; Valerio Gallo (Honda) ; Angel Inostroza (Porsche) ; Tatsuhiko Kato (Ford) ; Alexandre Le (Citroën) ; Adriano Carrazza (Toyota) ; Ryota Kokubun (Mazda) ; Manuel Troncoso (Lamborghini) ; Donovan Parker (Volkswagen) ; Vinicius Neto (Audi).