The FIA announces the appointment of an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

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In accordance with the commitments taken last year by President Mohammed Ben Sulayem in his election manifesto, the FIA announces the appointment of Tanya Kutsenko, first ever Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisor dedicated to motor sport.

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Tanya Kutsenko, Ukrainian born, is an accomplished international motor sport development expert. She has a profound knowledge of regional motor sport needs and experience in assisting ASNs on every continent, with strategy development and delivery of high impact projects to increase revenues, motor sport participation and ensure long-term sustainable growth.
In a consultancy capacity, she will be responsible for developing the new EDI motor sport strategy, in line with the FIA new course of promoting greater diversity, inclusion and doubling motor sport participation.
She will develop and embed EDI into the FIA global strategy, designing initiatives and plans to ensure sustainability of the framework over time and defining targets in line with world class organisationsShe will collaborate with regions through the FIA Member Clubs network, contributing to creation of regional plans for pathways development of motor sport participation on all levels. She will oversee some of the programs and innovations to increase national and regional motor sport participation and support local initiatives.
Her mission will also support growing accessibility and developing actions to promote national and regional access, development and mobility of motor sport talent and professionals.
Reporting to the Secretary General for Sport and the Director of Development, Tanya Kutsenko will identify additional academic and motor sport engineering opportunities in conjunction with industry stakeholders.
FIA President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, said: "Equality, diversity and inclusion are a key priority of my mandate as FIA President. In line with our strategy to promote greater diversity, the appointment of a dedicated and experienced Advisor in charge of these issues will allow us to accelerate inclusion and double participation in motor sport."