The FIA and Essilor announced on 2 September 2017 the signature of a 3-year partnership on road safety. Within the “FIA Action for Road Safety” campaign, Essilor and the FIA will promote good vision as a key pillar of road safety through wide awareness reaching campaigns.

According to the World Health Organization, every year, 1.25 million people are killed in road crashes around the world and 50 million more are left seriously injured. Road safety begins with good vision, which is the most important sense to take decisions on the road. But public awareness is low and access to quality eyeglasses remains limited in many regions of the world. In addition, many drivers are not aware of the need to protect their vision from glare in sunny conditions or when driving at night. 

The purpose of the 3-year partnership between Essilor and the FIA is to fight the lack of awareness on this global health issue and highlight the importance of regular eye check for safe driving. It aims at promoting the “Check your vision” call to action among local authorities, institutions, NGOs, eye care & medical professionals, and driving schools.

“Check your vision”, a vital New Golden Rule

The recent announcement by the FIA on 8 May of a New Golden Rule, “Check your vision”, also represents a major step in raising awareness on poor vision as a major public health issue. It will add on to the FIA’s existing Golden Rules for road safety on other key risk factors such as speed, alcohol, seatbelt…(e.g. “Obey the speed limit”, “Never drink and drive”, “Buckle up”, etc.).  

Essilor will endorse road safety by providing messages, data and analysis to support FIA’s communications on the crucial role of vision in the fight against road death. It will also further reinforce its products range based on the drivers’ specific needs. Additionally, Essilor will continue to leverage innovation as a way to better correct and protect the vision of vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, etc.).