CFA-CBA continues to advance diversity and inclusion in Brazilian motor sport

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Established in 2022 under the umbrella of the Brazilian Confederation of Motorsports (CBA) and its President, Giovanni Guerra, the Comissão Feminina do Automobilismo (CFA) remains steadfast in its mission to foster a more inclusive motor sport community. Their dedication to diversity and inclusion has earned commendation, notably receiving the "FIA José Abed Awards" for their impactful "FIA Girls on Track: engineers and mechanics" initiative.

A trio of influential figures is at the forefront of efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in Brazilian motorsport, guiding initiatives aimed at reshaping the landscape of the sport. Bia Figueiredo, Bruna Frazão, and Rachel Loh lead the charge, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to their roles within the Commission.

Bia Figueiredo, recognised for her achievements in motor sport, including notable wins in IndyLights, was elected President within the Commission in January 2023. Alongside her, Bruna Frazão, boasting over a decade of experience in motor sport marketing, and Rachel Loh, a seasoned mechanical engineer, form a formidable leadership team committed to driving positive change.

Guided by four core pillars—Inclusion, Grassroots-Level Promotion, Immersion, and Qualification—the Commission continues to spearhead transformative projects. From initiatives nurturing emerging talent through Kart Selection programs to providing immersive experiences in Formula E and Formula 1 for aspiring female participants, their efforts are aimed at broadening opportunities within the sport.

"Participating in the FIA Girls on Track initiative in Brazil has been incredibly rewarding. In 2023 alone, we saw an outstanding turnout with over 200 participants," states Bia, highlighting the significant impact of the initiative.

Supported by the CBA, the Commission remains resolute in its commitment to equality and is intensifying efforts to drive meaningful change and attract a diverse pool of talent to motorsports. Additionally, beyond its support for drivers, the Commission extends its initiatives to programs such as FIA Girls on Track: Engineers and Mechanics. This program offers aspiring engineers and mechanics invaluable professional experience during race weekends.

In August 2024, the program was honoured with the FIA José Abed Award for its outstanding contributions to the growth and development of motor sport.

“The results of the CBA's Women's Motorsport Commission serve as an inspiration to Federations and Clubs in other countries so that diversity can be promoted more widely," said Fabiana Ecclestone, FIA Vice President for Sport South America.

"Although we have made strides, there is still a significant gap, with women making up only a small portion of drivers and engineers in Brazilian motor sport," Bia notes. "However, we're continuously making improvements. For instance, within just one year, our internship project has led to a remarkable 300% increase in the number of mechanics and engineers working in Brazilian series."

Recently, the Commission expanded its scope with FIA Girls on Track: Thousand Miles, providing opportunities for women interested in marketing, communication, and event organization to contribute to the Interlagos Thousand Miles Endurance race.

These projects collectively aim to broaden opportunities and promote gender diversity within the motor sport industry.

About FIA Girls on Track

FIA Girls on Track is a grassroots programme that has for primary objective the promotion of gender equality in motor sport. It introduces girls between the ages of 8 and 18 to the world of motorsport through fun and engaging on-track and off-track activities. Since its launch at the 2019 Mexico City E-Prix, FIA Girls on Track has introduced thousands girls to the world of motor sport across separate events in Europe, Central America, Middle East, Asia and Oceania. 
FIA Girls on track is a programme developed by the FIA and implemented by its ASNs and FIA Championship’s promoters worldwide.