ECO YPF Challenge: Driving Innovation and Sustainability in Secondary Schools

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At the upcoming FIA Americas Awards on February 3 in Panama, the Technical School Nº 35, winners of the 2023 ECO YPF Challenge, is set to receive recognition in the sustainability category. Organised by the YPF Foundation and supervised by FIA Member Club the Automóvil Club Argentino (ACA), this motorsport competition engages students from technical schools across Argentina, promoting eco-friendly car design and integration of technology with education.

Aligned with FIA regulations, the ECO YPF Challenge promotes gender integration and camaraderie among students. Each vehicle is a comprehensive project, concentrating on efficient energy management to cover the longest distance within a one-and-a-half-hour timeframe.

The primary goal of the championship is to provide students with extensive learning experiences that promote environmental awareness, teamwork, and professional practices. By engaging in these practices, students gain direct exposure to technologies that are poised to play a pivotal role in the future of transportation and the automotive industry.

Participating since 2012, the Technical School Nº 35 has consistently raised its vehicle standards, clinching their second victory in the 2023 ECO YPF Challenge, following their triumph in 2019. The team prioritised innovations, including streamlined wheel changes without disassembling brakes and implementing an on-board braking system, significantly improving efficiency. The integration of "SOLID EDGE," a Siemens-developed CAD design software, played a pivotal role in facilitating the prototyping, designing, and simulation of car chassis. This ensured the vehicles are more aerodynamic, rigid, and lightweight, contributing to their success in the competition.

With an impressive participation of over 900 schools and 20,000 students since 2012, the ECO YPF Challenge has reached a broad audience, involving 45,000 students and garnering support from 135,000 friends and relatives. The ECO FAN initiative, culminating in one million online votes, stands as a testament to its widespread support.

In an exciting development, Argentina is set to host its inaugural ECO Rally as part of the challenge. Endorsed by the FIA, the rally will showcase electric, prototype, and hybrid cars, adding a new dimension to the event.

In essence, the ECO YPF Challenge goes beyond the realm of racing, seamlessly combining education, innovation, and sustainability. Its profound impact resonates not only with students but also within communities, shaping the future landscape of automotive technology and serving as an inspiration for similar competitions on a global scale.