FDM Sets New Membership Record in Over 50 Years

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FIA Member Club FDM (Federation of Danish Motorists) has achieved a significant milestone by breaking its 50-year-old membership record, now boasting 278,000 households with car memberships. This surge in membership is attributed largely to the evolving landscape of motoring, particularly amidst the green transition and the growing popularity of electric vehicles.

FDM CEO Stina Glavindm highlights the pivotal role of electric cars in driving membership growth, emphasising the need for guidance and advocacy amidst the transformative shift towards sustainability. 

FDM has historically championed improvements in infrastructure, road safety, and consumer protection, and this record membership provides a robust mandate to continue these efforts. Notably, the previous membership record of 277,707 members, set in 1973, has been surpassed, marking a significant milestone in FDM's history. 

“The car accounts for almost a fifth of CO2 emissions in Denmark”, says  Stina Glavindm, “Therefore, motorists, and we as their representatives, also have a responsibility to reduce that figure. We see it as one of our most important tasks to take an active role in society and take responsibility for a sustainable future with cars. That is why we also work to ensure that more people have the opportunity to switch to an electric car.”

Aligned with national targets, FDM aims to facilitate the adoption of one million zero-emission cars by 2030, signaling a commitment to sustainability and societal engagement. This includes fostering dialogue among motorists, policymakers, and the public, as well as developing innovative products and services to ease the transition to greener driving.

Looking ahead, FDM plans to launch a comprehensive campaign to raise awareness of its initiatives and unveil its new visual identity, underscoring its dedication to advocating for motorists and promoting a sustainable future for all.